How to Choose the Right Anchor Bolt for the Job

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Engineering

When you need to attach things to concrete, anchor bolts are some of the most commonly used fasteners. However, you’ll find many products on the market today, including anchors for wet concrete, dry concrete, L bolts, and many other types. So which anchor should you go with? Here is information to help you decide.

What are Anchor Bolts?

Commonly called anchors, these bolts are specially designed to fasten materials to hard surfaces like concrete. One end goes into the concrete while the threaded end bolts the two surfaces together. For example, during construction, outer walls attach to concrete foundations with anchors. Some anchors hold structural steel frames to concrete.

Wet Set Anchors

In construction, many contractors prefer wet set anchors because they offer the strongest connections. They set into wet concrete, and when the concrete dries, it bonds to the anchors. This is an important consideration for areas prone to earthquakes. However, wet set anchors can shift some while the concrete sets up, and for high tolerance needs, this is sometimes a problem. Some of the best-wet set anchors for attaching steel to concrete are stainless steel L bolts.

Wedge Anchors

In some cases, the concrete is already setup, and you have no choice but to use wedge anchors. Wedge anchors are two-piece devices. First, the installer bores a hole in the concrete and inserts the wedge. The bolt part threads into the wedge and expands it against the concrete. You can use full-body, partial, and fully threaded wedge anchors.

Finding the Right Source

If you are unsure which anchors to use for a project, consult with a trusted bent bolt and anchor specialists. They have a huge inventory of L bolts, U bolts, and all kinds of anchor bolts for your needs. They also manufacture custom bolts for special purposes.

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