How to Choose the Best Alzheimer’s Residence in Richmond, VA

Finding the right care facility for a person living with dementia is tricky. There are plenty of assisted living facilities in the area, but not all of them are well-suited for memory are. When searching for an Alzheimer’s residence in Richmond, VA, here are some criteria to keep in mind.


Dementia patients aren’t all alike, but as their disease progresses a commonality is wandering. Memory care facilities have security measures in place to keep patients from wandering out the door and getting lost. When visiting facilities, look for ones that have gated backyards with easy access in and out of the building for residents but secured front and side doors to prevent wandering.


No one wants to place their loved one in a memory care facility and discover they spend their days alone in their rooms. Social interaction is very important for Alzheimer’s patients. The best facilities have a variety of programming options that include things such as art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, off-site social activities, exercise opportunities, and more.

Aging in Place

When selecting a facility, it’s important to think about the future. A loved one with dementia might be able to take care of their basic needs at present. However, dementia is a progressive disease. Eventually, the person will need help with most of their daily needs and require advanced medical assistance. The best Alzheimer’s residence in Richmond, VA, is one where the residents can age in place with dignity and proper care through end of life.

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