How To Choose Items From Furniture Stores

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Furniture

How do you choose your furniture? Do you buy on impulse? Do you save up and then shop for that specific piece. Quality furniture stores are accustomed to both types of purchasers. They offer a wide selection of items in different styles and at prices designed to suit all budgets. Since furniture can be a large and significant purchase for homeowners in Battle Creek. MI, it is important to know how to choose items that are of high quality.

Factors to Consider

A complete list of furniture dos and don’ts could be quite extensive. It can also be address specific individuals or issues. Below are a few more general considerations for those who want to be able to recognize well-constructed furniture.

 * Material: Quality furniture tends to be more heavy than light weight. Well-constructed furniture is not of particleboard or laminated plywood. It is not a veneer. Wood furniture is dense and comprised of solid wood. If necessary, choose the less expensive veneers over solid wood furniture and certainly over anything made from particleboard. While both veneers and particleboard may look pleasing, they are not as durable as the real thing.
 * Joints: Traditional pieces are indicated by the use of dovetail, mortise and tenon. They feature reinforcing corner blocks. They may use dowels and screws. They do not, however, rely on glue, nails or even staples to hold them precariously together. Wood joinery procures a sturdier and the more durable piece of furniture exemplified by Amish and other traditional styles carried by many furniture stores.
 * Frames: Check to see they are level and even with the floor. They should not creak or wobble.
 * Legs: These should attach firmly to the chair, bed or other piece of furniture. If they are wood, they need to be solid, heavy and jointed. Avoid screws, nails and glue whenever possible.
 * Upholstery: Sit on the chairs and sofa to see how well they are padded. Avoid furniture with insufficient padding. They will not prove to be durable or comfortable.
 * Springs: For beds and other items with spring, check to see what coils are used. Talk to the sales staff about the advantages of each type.
 * Drawers and Cabinets: Check drawers and cabinets for usability. Can you open and close them easily? Do they stick? When open do they remain so or inch shut? Do the knobs and handles fit tightly or wiggle?

Knowing what is possible and what to look for will help you in making an informed choice.

Furniture Stores

If you are looking for something faddish or want something with longevity, you can find it at your local furniture store. As long as you are well aware of the diverse types of issues and can recognize quality form cheap furniture, you will feel more confident in look at it. Armed with the knowledge of what you want and what distinguishes quality from cheap furniture, you can visit any of the furniture stores in Battle Creek and emerge with the right piece at the right price.

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