How to Choose a Bondsman in Tarrant County, Texas, For Quick, Easy Bonds

Choosing a bondsman in Tarrant County TX is a lot easier than it sounds. Here are a handful of criteria to help you narrow down your options among the pool of available local bondsman.

Accepts a Variety of Qualifying Collateral

Although you usually only have to front 10 percent of your bail to the bondsman, you still need collateral to guarantee repayment in the event of a failure to appear. Your car and your house are the obvious choices, but you don’t have to offer such precious property as collateral if you don’t want to.

When choosing a viable bondsman in Tarrant County, TX, look for a bondsman who also accepts guns, boats and airplanes as collateral. Such a bondsman may even work with you to accept nontraditional items of value in case you don’t have the above or don’t want to potentially part with what you do have.

Premium bondsmen accept most credit cards, welcome bonds of any amount, bond all tickets and lift all warrants. This lets you get home as soon as possible, spend valuable time with your family, learn more about your case with an attorney and get some much needed rest.

Care, Attention & Customer Service Make the Difference

Needing to bond out invariably means you or a loved one are having legal troubles. The last thing you need from a bondsman is a gruff, curt attitude and lack of professional attention. A conscientious bondsman always puts a fully staffed office at your fingertips, with a client liaison on your behalf attending the courthouse daily.

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