How to Build a Pipeline of Talent for Your Recruitment Agency

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Employment

For every candidate or applicant that contacts a recruitment agency, the company must consider whether they wish to reconsider the candidate in the future for other positions or terminate the discussions permanently, now. Mechanical engineering headhunters in Minneapolis have found that it is important to build a pipeline for vacancies they do not yet administer.

Do Not Allow Good Value to Walk Away

High-quality mechanical engineering headhunters in Minneapolis will fully understand the benefits of keeping a pipeline of talent on their list.
It is important to continue interaction with these candidates so that they are fully primed should a suitable vacancy arise in the future.

Where an applicant is purely an online application that is refused for a specific position, the value of the individual may be wasted in the future.

This will also confirm that the candidate has not received an excellent experience throughout the application process. They may leave one set of mechanical engineering headhunters in Minneapolis for another.

Newsletters Are Effective

You can build and retain good quality candidate lists by asking them to sign up for your newsletter. Where you operate job alerts by text or other social media functions, this can help retain the interest of a candidate when they are perfectly matched to a position in the future.

Where you maintain information, data and statistics about an individual, it is important to follow up regularly to find out where any of this has changed so that it can be updated and matched to future opportunities.

With correctly pipelined candidates headhunters and recruitment agencies can update their lists of potential applicants with specific and suitable information that applies to their unique circumstances.

Where the candidate believes they are being treated effectively within the pipeline environment, they are more likely to volunteer to update their information because they believe in the quality of the agency they are working with.

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