How To Avoid Septic System Repair In Tacoma

There are several different types of septic tank systems. Contractors decide what type to install when they build a house. Most people are familiar with septic tank systems that use bacteria to break down waste. These systems have pipes that carry waste from the house to the tank. Other pipes carry waste water from the tank to the drain field. On the other hand, aerobic systems use oxygen to break down waste. Additional choices include drip irrigation and mound sewer systems. Whatever system one has, it requires regular inspection and proper maintenance.

Here are a few tips to avoid Septic System Repair in Tacoma. Schedule inspections on a regular basis. Professionals will let you know whether the tank needs to be pumped. Likewise, they will check the pipes and filters. Also, homeowners need to keep trees and shrubs at least a hundred feet from the drain field. Roots can grow into the pipes and cause major damage. Additionally, make sure the drain field does not take on a lot of rain water. Improper yard drainage can disrupt the system, as well.

Homes with septic tanks should not use a garbage disposal. The contents from the disposal will accumulate in the tank as extra solids. In addition, be conservative with the use of household cleaners. Chemicals can destroy the bacteria in the tank. Likewise, plumbers recommend spreading out the wash. Doing lots of laundry on one day sends too much water and soap through the system. Moreover, plumbers say liquid detergent should be used rather than gummy powders.

Next, take a look at what goes in the toilet. The septic system does not break down certain items like disposable diapers, tampons and cigarettes. For instance, bathroom wipes are popular these days. The manufacturer says they should be used like toilet paper. However, they are causing major problems around the country. One Midwest city is suing the manufacturer due to overwhelming septic system problems. The bottom line is to avoid anything that could clog up the pipes. Clogged pipes cause major sewer back-ups in the home. Follow the guidelines to avoid Septic System Repair in Tacoma.

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