How Mobile Pedicabs Are Changing the Way Business Is Being Done Today

You’ve probably seen them around town. They’re a great form of transportation and they are a green solution to a growing problem. They are the pedicabs you see each day and occasionally use on the weekends. Did you know that these pedicabs are used for much more than just transportation today though? In fact, an entire business can be ran directly from a pedicab that is designed for commercial use.

Modern pedicabs come with a number of features that make them more business friendly. One of the newest trends is to turn pedicabs into mobile beer delivery systems. A beer bike can be a great way to impress your friends, but it can also be a great way to earn some extra cash. Have you ever wished you had the ability to get a keg somewhere quickly and discreetly? Well worry no more, because now you can stow one away inside a pedicab that is designed to house a keg and a keg tap for serving.

Thus, you can make sales directly from your bike, but you don’t have to sacrifice in the quality of your presentation. In fact, modern pedicabs are highly customizable. Your company’s graphics can be printed across the front and sides of your bike to give it a professional appearance. There are also useful features that may be added to your bike to make it more suitable for mobile sales.

For instance, if you are planning on selling beer from your bike on sunny days, perhaps you should consider getting one with a built-in umbrella. This will give you direct access to shade so that you may serve up the coldest product possible. Features like these will ultimately make you more comfortable throughout the day while increasing customer satisfaction. To get your beer bike, or any other kind of commercial pedicab your heart desires, visit the website.

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