How Long Does it Take Hormone Replacement Therapy to Work?

When you receive hormone replacement therapy in Manhattan Beach, you probably want to know exactly when you can start expecting to see results. In some cases, you can feel initial results in only a few weeks. Other times, it might take months before you notice any results. Keep in mind that hormone replacement works best when combined with lifestyle changes like proper nutrition and an exercise program.

General Timeline

1 month of HGH Treatment
Feelings of anxiety are reduced
Improved energy and stamina
Better overall mood and temperament
More productive, restful sleep

2 months of HGH Treatment
Further improvement seen in HGH results from the first month
Some people may notice improvements in impaired night vision by the end of month two
Metabolism functions begin to improve, resulting in increased fat burning, as well as improved muscle tone
Noticeable increase in libido
Internal cellular regeneration begins
Hair and nails strengthen
Collagen levels rise, resulting in restored skin elasticity and a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

3 months of HGH Treatment
After three months of treatment, many patients can expect to be at the height of their treatment. Patients will still see an increase in the previous month’s benefits and will continue throughout this month.
Immune system improvements will help to resist colds and germs
Improved cognitive functions such as memory and overall sharpness
Libido and sexual performance will see positive changes overall
Symptoms of PMS and menopause will lessen
Hair regrowth in thinning areas
Greater range of motion, flexibility and muscle mass
Bones are beginning to strengthen
The ability to recover faster from wounds and illnesses is evident

4 months of HGH Treatment
While the third month of treatment is noted to be the most drastic, the fourth month of treatment also sees some notable transformations.
Increased mental clarity
Joint pain is almost completely gone
Cardiac endurance for exercise is at a higher capacity
All of the previous benefits will continue to progress

5 months of HGH Treatment
Substantial improvements in skin quality
Noticeable weight loss, especially belly fat
Continued progress in all previous benefits

6 months of HGH Treatment
After six months of treatment, patients are able to compare before and after pictures and see a considerable amount of physical changes.
The body takes on a more youthful and contoured appearance, including improved muscle mass and a slimmer waist
Hair will begin to regain its original color and gray hairs will become more infrequent
Dramatically improved eyesight at night
Lowered LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels
A higher level of cardiovascular health
This timeline is a generalization of what many people can expect from HGH treatment on a month to month basis. Individual results will vary, based on how your own body reacts to the human growth hormone injections. If you find that your treatment has begun to plateau, having a discussion with your practitioner is recommended to make sure that your treatments are on track. A change in dosage may be necessary for continuing your treatment.

Maximizing Hormone Therapy

There are numerous options for maximizing the benefits you see from hormone replacement therapy in Manhattan Beach. Consider implementing the following for the best results:

Patience – It takes time for your body to react to the new hormone treatment program. Immediate results are impossible so do your best to have patience with the awareness that things will change shortly.

Communication – The person providing hormone replacement needs to be aware of how you feel and what you experience. Do your best to be honest about these things so that your dose can be watched and adjusted as required.

Healthy Eating – You need a proper diet for your changing body. Try to make smart dietary choices, which include limiting sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Implement a balanced diet with lean meat, whole grains, and lots of fruit and veggies.

Exercise – Exercise works in tandem with healthy eating to keep your body in shape. This can be beneficial through hormone therapy. For those who already exercise regularly, speak to your doctor about what exercises are the best for your body.

Timely Medication – You need to have your hormone therapy on a regular basis. Take them on the provided schedule for the best results. If you miss a dose, skip it and move on to the next dose when it is normally scheduled.

While it’s hard to determine how long it will take to see results of hormone replacement, that’s because every person has a unique body. If you want to learn more about how hormones might help you, company is here to help for more information.

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