How Isolation Leads to Rehabilitation: A Look into Rehab Operations

People often think that isolation is a terrible thing to undergo since we are naturally social creatures. We crave conversation, companionship and the ability to simply reach out and touch someone. However, when it comes to the procedures outlined in present day California drug treatment programs, isolation is a much-needed tool in order to help a patient develop the will to overcome their addiction and start a new life for themselves.

Without a means of isolation in place, it is likely that a person who desires to be free from their substance abuse addiction will be unable to truly free themselves since they are surrounded by the reasons why they became an addict.

Social and Environmental Influences

People are not born as addicts; they become them over a gradual process of consumption, dependence and finally addiction. This process is heavily influenced by social and environmental factors since the desire to consume drugs is one that doesn’t appear out of the blue. For instance, some of the common environmental factors that are connected to drug addiction come in the form of abuse at home, abuse at work, coming from a poor family, etc. Basically, some people take drugs simply because they want to escape from the harshness of their current life.

When it comes to social influences, this often manifests as peer pressure, the desire to confirm, to be part of the group, etc. People want to feel that they belong and, as a result, this sometimes leads them towards taking drugs since their friends are doing so as well.

While these are just a few of the myriad of circumstances that are connected with substance addiction, they do show how social and environmental influences create and then sustain the behavior of illegal substance abuse.

Resolving the Problem

It is due to the influences shown in the last section that isolation plays a key role in helping a person overcome their addiction. By being placed in a rehab clinic and isolating themselves from the influences that would cause a relapse, a patient can slowly adapt to a life without drugs.

Yes, this period of time is often described as “hellish” by people that have developed long-term dependencies on illegal drugs; however, given enough time and assistance from a rehab center, they are more likely to overcome their addiction in isolation rather than in a situation where they are constantly exposed to the reasons why they become addicted to drugs in the first place.

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