How Important is Hard Drive Destruction?

Security does not end when you are done with your electronic components! As a matter of fact, in many cases, security becomes more important! There are a few reasons why dealing with hard drive destruction before you store or sell old equipment is critical to your operation.

It is Easy to Forget

When you store your old equipment, it typically fades from memory very quickly. In other words, most managers and business owners are not too concerned with the storage room full of old outdated equipment. Unfortunately, that outdated equipment contains vital information about your business, about your clients, trade secrets and more that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Destroying the hard drive before the equipment goes into storage is a better choice.

Falling Into the Wrong Hands

In today’s market business secrets, client’s personal information and more is always under siege. It is not unheard of for a lot of information to wind up being released “by accident.” Poor storage choices, not worrying about hard drive destruction, selling equipment that is not wiped clean, gives unsavory types a great advantage when it comes to data breeching.

Professional Destruction

There are three reasons why you should have a professional team destroy your hard drives before they go into storage or are sold:

  1. Peace of mind knowing data is not accessible
  2. Protecting client information
  3. Maintaining your business reputation

When you have taken every step to ensure that data is destroyed, you can rest easy. Your clients expect that you will protect their information a breech due to negligence on your part will soil your business reputation. Don’t give away information! You take great steps to secure your computing environment, contact EPE Components to wipe those drives clean for good!

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