How Hand Dryers Can Help You Go Green

As the world’s population grows, so does the knowledge of how important it is for individuals and companies to be as ecologically responsible as possible. On a large scale, humans need to shift to a way of living that creates less waste and is kinder to the environment. How can your company or institution contribute to that shared goal while lessening your carbon footprint? It might help to buy a hand dryer.

Saving Trees

The lush layer of green that stretches across much of the world isn’t just pretty; it helps purify air and provides oxygen for breathing. Trees are crucial to human survival, and wide-scale deforestation has become a serious problem. Fortunately, there are strategies and technologies in place to help lessen reliance on harvested trees.

Hand dryers are among these technologies. Using a hand dryer minimizes the use of paper towels – and using fewer paper towels helps save trees. If you want to help keep the world green and growing, you can start by choosing to buy a hand dryer. There are many types of hand dryers available, and many have been optimized for maximum energy efficiency. These can also help lower your facility’s overall power consumption.

Reduces Waste

After trees are cut down, some of them are made into paper towels, and some of those are used to dry hands. The used paper towels have to go somewhere and generally aren’t recyclable. Hand dryers can help your company or organization significantly cut down on the amount of landfill waste generated.

As a responsible business or institution, you want to help mitigate your impact on the environment. You also want to show visitors, customers, and employees that you are committed to making a positive difference in the world. Making the choice to buy a hand dryer can provide the first step toward realizing your goal of being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as you can.

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