How Dental Implants Can be Beneficial for Replacing a Lost or Damaged Tooth

People have two different sets of teeth throughout their life. The first set called their baby teeth that usually grow in during their first year of life until they are around the age of 2 ½ years old. Over the course of the individual’s childhood until the age of 12, they will start losing the baby teeth until their permanent teeth have grown in. The permanent teeth should be taken care of to prevent dental loss as these teeth will not grow back if they are damaged or missing. If something should happen to a person’s permanent tooth, dental implants in Ajax is a primary solution to replacing the lost or damaged tooth.

Importance of Replacing the Tooth

If a tooth is damaged or lost, it can result in the jaw bone deteriorating and altering the person’s facial structure. This can make the person look older than they really are and make their skin appear saggy. Plus, missing or damaged teeth can affect a person’s ability to chew properly; which can limit the types of food they can eat. Along with affecting their self-confidence when the individual has a less than perfect smile and can influence how they interact with other people. Dental implants in Ajax offers a solution by replacing the original tooth with an implant that looks and works like a natural one.

Protect Your Smile and Facial Structure

If you have suffered tooth damage or lost one recently, Pickering Square Dental has the solution you are searching for. They offer a wide range of dental services to assist their patients in maintaining a healthy mouth and stunning smile. Their primary focus is to deliver the comprehensive oral care and comfort that each patient deserves when it comes to their dental care needs.

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