How Dedicated Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Assist with Legal Matters

Many individuals become injured every week while in the process of performing their everyday job duties. At times, these injuries may be chronic in nature and/or permanent impacting the worker’s ability to work and provide their family with a means of financial support. Learn how a group of dedicated Franklin workers compensation lawyers can assist with your upcoming legal matters that pertain to your disability or injury situation.

Having Your Own Attorney Helps Prevent Harassing & Intimidating Contact

All too often, a company doctor clears an employee to return back to their usual job following some type of injury or disability causing event that took place at work. The injured worker may not be physically, mentally, or emotionally ready to return to work at this time.

This can result in the employer’s various representatives initiating ongoing and threatening or intimidating contact with the employee with the purpose of trying to frighten the worker back to their workstation before they are ready. Having your own attorney can help prevent these types of contacts.

Never Admit Fault without Consulting with Your Own Lawyer First

Employer health insurance and other types of agency personnel may attempt to get the injured worker to admit their fault in the workplace accident. This could result in the employer becoming ineligible for collecting disability benefits and/or being forced by the company to return to a hostile type of environment at work.

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