How Cavities Form and What You Can Do to Prevent Them in Mundelein

Cavities are a common health problem. Individuals of all ages who have teeth can get cavities. If they aren’t treated, they will get bigger and affect the deep layers of the teeth. Here are some things a dentist in Mundelein would like you to know about cavities and how to prevent them.

The symptoms of cavities will vary based on their location and how deep they are in the teeth. At first, you may not notice any symptoms. Eventually, they can cause toothache, tooth sensitivity, pits in your teeth, stains on the surface of the teeth, pain when you bite down, and pain when eating or drinking anything cold, hot, or sweet.

It is important to have regular dental checkups with a dentist in Mundelein. Even if your mouth feels fine, the dentist can spot cavities as they form. This is the best way to prevent pain and tooth loss.

You may wonder how cavities form. It all starts with plaque. This is the sticky film that coats your teeth and is a result of eating starches and sugar. When starches and sugar are removed from your teeth, bacteria will start to feed on them, leading to plaque. The acid in plaque will remove the minerals in the enamel of your teeth, causing small holes.

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