How Can An Animal Hospital In Olathe, KS Help Keep Your Pets Healthy?

Kansas veterinarians offer services that could help pet owners keep their pets healthy. The services could include annual vaccinations, sterilization surgery, and emergency care. An Animal Hospital in Olathe KS provides access to these services for pet owners.

Vaccinations for Domestic Pets

All pets need annual vaccinations to keep them from contracting deadly diseases. Among these conditions are rabies and the feline herpes virus. These diseases threaten the lives of the animals and could present a potential health risk for their owners.

The vet provides information to pet owners about these vaccinations. This information indicates at what ages the dogs or cats should receive these injections. Once the pet becomes a patient, the vet will send notifications to pet owners about upcoming vaccination requirements.

Sterilization Surgery to Control Pet Populations

Sterilization surgery prevents animals from reproducing. This helps the pet owner to do their part in reducing the pet population and preventing unwanted litters. The surgery also prevents the potential for more pets to accumulate in local shelters and never find homes.

The surgery is performed in the animal hospital. The vet will explain the spaying or neutering process to the pet owner before the appointment. An overnight stay is required to observe the animal and reduce their chances for infection. The vet provides after-care instructions for the animals. Most dogs and cats could remain fertile for at least sixty days following the surgery. It is advisable for pet owners to keep these pets away from other pets of the opposite gender until this duration has passed.

Check-up and Emergency Care

Vets at these hospitals provide annual check-ups and emergency care. These services allow them to evaluate the pet to determine if they have developed parasites or have an illness that requires medication or surgery.

Kansas veterinarians provide invaluable services to increase the longevity of pet’s lives. The services they provide reduce the potential for the onset of diseases and conditions that could affect their health. These vets also provide preventative measures such as vaccinations. Pet owners who need an appointment at an Animal Hospital in Olathe KS should contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital for more information.

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