How Can Alabama Students Living in Apartments Travel To and From Campus?

If you’re a University of Alabama student living on housing apartments in Tuscaloosa AL, you might find yourself wondering how you’ll get back and forth to campus. Will you be able to make it to your classes on time, or will you be running late every day? Fortunately, there are multiple ways to make it to campus to ensure that you don’t miss any of your classes.

How to Get to Campus and Back Every Day

One of the most convenient things about living in student housing apartments in Tuscaloosa AL is that they’re always close to the main campus. If you have some extra time, you can actually walk to campus and get some exercise in your daily routine. If not, you can drive–the campus is only a few minutes from the apartment complex. No car? You can take an Uber or catch a ride with a friend. And if you don’t have any other way to get to campus, some apartment complexes offer a shuttle bus that’s dedicated to transporting students to and from campus every day.

If you’re interested in applying for a student housing apartment near the University of Alabama, visit the Lark Tuscaloosa. The website features a map so you can see where the housing complex is located, as well as information on the features and amenities that Lark Tuscaloosa offers to students. You can learn more about the daily student life and apply for a room right on the Lark Tuscaloosa website.

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