How Can a Cosmetic Dentist Improve the Condition of Your Teeth?

Remove the Stains from Your Teeth

When you have stained teeth, a dentist in Burr Ridge can change your life with high-quality cosmetic dentistry services. Rather than wasting your money on ineffective whitening toothpastes, you can schedule a professional teeth-whitening procedure. In less than an hour, a dentist can apply a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on your teeth that will lift the ugly discolorations from your tooth enamel. As the water is injected into your mouth, you will feel the bubbling sensation of a mild chemical reaction that will remove many years of stains from your teeth.

Improve a Tooth with a Veneer

If you have a problem with the front surface of a tooth, then a dentist in Burr Ridge can order a thin veneer to place over it. Veneers are made from composite resins or porcelain materials, and the restorations will match the natural color of your other teeth. A dental laboratory technician will use the measurements that are collected with computer software to make a veneer that will fit precisely over the tooth. A dentist will prepare the tooth carefully so that the waterproof resins will keep the veneer in place for many years.

Order Customized Dental Crowns

While you may brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, you can still develop a large cavity in a tooth. When this happens, a filling often isn’t enough to stabilize the tooth, but a dentist in Burr Ridge can make a customized dental crown to cover the entire tooth. Most dental crowns are made from color-matching composite resins to create a brilliant smile while providing a sturdy biting surface. In many cases, a dentist is able to order and insert a dental crown during one office visit.

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