How Bilingual Translation Capabilities Help Grow Your Business

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Translators & Interpreters

Today’s world is an increasingly-multilingual one. Regardless of your industry, it’s very likely that as a business owner or manager, you will encounter clients or customers who speak a different primary language than you do. If you’re looking for a way to cut down on the issues that this kind of language barrier presents, consider hiring a staff member or third-party employee who offers bilingual translation in real-time, everyday situations.

When Does a Bilingual Staff Member Come in Handy?

Any business that may encounter clients or customers that speak another language better than the language spoken by the majority of their staff could use the services of a translator. Not sure your business counts? Consider this: Over half of American citizens now speak something other than English at home, with over sixty-million speaking English almost entirely outside the home or not at all. If you want to reach that massive market with your goods or services, you will need to communicate with them – and for that, you’ll need a qualified, knowledgeable translator!

Where Can You Find Bilingual Translation Services?

Many companies seek bilingual employees by inquiring about language skills during the hiring process. Simply finding interested candidates who offer a second language as part of their resume can be extremely beneficial to companies still in the growth phase of development.

However, this may not work for every company. Some businesses already have a core staff that they are satisfied with, with great job qualifications but without a second language as a skill. In this case, it may be time to hire additional personnel.

Consider acquiring your translator from a linguistic service offering both translation and interpretation. In doing so, you’ll be guaranteed to find someone who is fluent in both languages needed for your bilingual translation, as well as someone who understands translation in a professional environment. A bilingual employee or third-party staff member will be an asset to your company, potentially doubling the size of your prospective customer base and expanding the horizons of your company’s growth.

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