How An Occupational Therapist In Old Saybrook CT Can Help Their Patients

When a person has been in an accident or has had a stroke, they can lose the use of their extremities or can have cognitive problems. If something serious like this should happen, they can greatly benefit from the care of an Occupational Therapist in Old Saybrook CT. There are several things that an occupational therapist can do for their patients to get them back in the condition that they were in before the incident.

What Issues are Addressed in Occupational Therapy?

After an accident or a stroke, the patient may have a difficult time doing everyday activities. This can include eating, grooming, personal hygiene, bathing and showering, functional mobility, and toilet hygiene. An occupational therapist will be able to help with these things. Also, more difficult things like driving, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry will also be addressed. Overall, an occupational therapist will address any task that the patient was once able to do, but can no longer do after their accident or stroke.

What Can Be Enhanced With Occupational Therapy?

An Occupational Therapist in Old Saybrook CT can enhance several skills and abilities. Some of these include:

• Range of motion

Motor skills

Strength in the problem area

Cognition improvement

Assistance with balance issues


Sensation where it was lost

Visual perception skills

Assistive Devices Used in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists use a variety of devices to help their patients to become more independent. These devices can assist patients in becoming more independent while they are healing or permanently, depending on their prognosis.

• Dressing aids

Bathroom equipment (grab bars, shower chairs, shower nozzle)

Adaptive eating utensils

Transfer devices

Seating and mobility assistance

Use of canes and crutches

Use of a wheelchair

Following a serious accident or a stroke, patients may have limited use of their extremities or have other conditions that can make life more difficult. An occupational therapist will work with the patient to get them to a point where they can function more on their own. For more information on what an occupational therapist can do and how they can make their patients more independent, Click here.

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