How An Attorney Can Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Claim

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Lawyers

A seasoned Social Security attorney can be an asset for those fighting hard for the disability benefits they know they deserve. An attorney might not be needed when the initial claim is being prepared but if the claim is denied and is elevated to a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge, the skills, and knowledge of a Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge will prove invaluable.

Statistically, 65 percent of all claims for disability benefits will be denied. Denial does not need to be the end of the process. The process includes several layers of appeals that you can take advantage of to have the decision reversed. If you did not have an attorney from the outset, now is the time to hire one. Winning on appeal is complex, time-consuming and frustrating, working closely with a seasoned Social Security attorney can help improve your chances of approval.

The appeal process:


In the event your claim is denied, you will be notified by mail. You have sixty days in which to act, the first stage in the appeals process is to request reconsideration. Different people than those that denied benefits in the first place will review the claim. Only about five percent of claims are approved at the reconsideration level.


If your initial appeal did not result in approval of your claim, the next step is to request a formal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge; this is when you need to have a Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge alongside you. Although the waiting period is long, the results are well worth the wait; close to 70 percent of appeals that reach this stage are successful.

Once approved for benefits, you can expect to receive your first check in two to four weeks. The first check will be for the past due benefits minus the attorney’s fee.

If you applied for disability benefits only to be denied, this is not the end; it is the beginning of the appeals process. To improve your chances of winning on appeal you should hire a Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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