How A Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help You And Your Child

For a young couple, the pending birth of their baby is a time full of excitement and joy; unfortunately all these emotions can be dashed in the event their precious baby was injured during birth.

A birth injury, as the term implies, is a physical injury that the baby sustains while being born, the injury can be minor and subside quickly, at worst it can be such that the child will suffer for life or may even lead to death. There are many different reasons why a baby can get injured during birth, if you are of the opinion that the root cause was negligence on the part of the attending physician or a member of the medical staff you should contact a birth injury lawyer in Detroit.

How can a birth injury lawyer help?

  • A birth injury lawyer will explain your legal rights regarding negligence that may have been made by anyone on the medical team that assisted in the birth of your baby. As the lawyer details your rights, he or she will work closely with you to ensure you have a very good chance to prove your assertions.
  • The legal process begins once the lawyer has studied your case thoroughly. The initial stage, called pre-litigation, includes the gathering of pertinent documents, evidence and witnesses. While studying this mass of information it may become evident that the best course of action is to propose a settlement to the party or parties responsible for issue. If this proposal is refused, your birth injury lawyer in Detroit will take the case in front of a judge and jury in civil court.

Regardless of whether the responsible party elects to settle or go to court, what is important is that you have hired a birth injury lawyer in Detroit that is accustomed to dealing with complex cases which are also emotional.

If your new born suffered injury during birth and it appears the injury was caused by negligence on the part of a medical practitioner, you can sue for damages. For a free case consultation you are invited.

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