House Painting Cost Factors

There are numerous factors that are taken into account when a contractor prepares his quotation for an interior paint job. As a homeowner, you will want to invite a number of qualified contractors to offer their proposal. However, you may also want to prepare a rough estimate yourself just to get a rough idea of what you might expect when you invite contractors in to give you a solid price. Professionals that do house painting in Chicago include a number of factors when they are preparing their prices, you can do more or less the same when you come up with a budgeting ball park figure.

How much paint is required?

It is impossible to estimate the cost of painting if the amount of paint is an unknown. The first thing to do is determine the surface area that will be painted. Once you have measured the wall lengths and room height you have the total surface area, from this subtract the area taken by doors and windows. Don’t use this number as being dead accurate, always plan on buying a little more paint than is mathematically required to make up for a possible spill.

Other factors:

Professionals that do house painting in Chicago take into account several other issues, the size and intricacy of the home is one of them. A typical home with more or less equal size rooms is far easier to paint than a home with high ceilings, a number of windows or involved crown moldings. All of these types of things have a significant impact on the amount of labor and time that will be involved.

The surface texture of the walls is also a factor. Smooth walls are far easier to paint than walls that have a textured finish. Not only will it take longer to paint, it will take more paint.

These are the types of things that you need to discuss with the contractors you invite to bid on your painting project.

House painting in Chicago is something that can be done better and done faster when done by professionals. You are invited to contact Fortune Restoration to discuss your painting project.

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