Home Roof Repair in Menasha Resolves Discoloration and Impact Damage

Metal roofing lasts for many decades unless severe weather or another type of incident damages it. This is a major advantage, but metal may also become discolored for certain reasons and require Home Roof Repair in Menasha to resolve the situation. Very old metal roofs sometimes are vulnerable to rusting and may need to be partially replaced. This is extremely rare with newer roofs because of the protective coatings applied and the types of materials used; generally, a lifetime warranty covers the unlikely event of rust developing. Other problems may occur that can be fixed by a roofing contractor.

If the metal roof was installed after a previous roof had already been in place, related metal components should also have been replaced if they were susceptible to rusting. For instance, old metal gutters on a second story can corrode and lead to discolored water landing on the area of the roof below. This can stain the metal.

On properties with extensive shade from trees, it’s possible for mildew to develop on a metal roof during a particularly rainy year. The roof may never have time to fully dry between wet spells. This can be a more typical problem with homes situated along rivers and lakes in the area because of the added humidity. A contractor who does Home Roof Repair in Menasha can fix this situation by washing the roof with a solution that won’t change the color. Some people try to make this a do-it-yourself project, but most people feel uneasy about the safety of standing on a roof and trying to get it clean.

Discoloration of metal roofing is generally unlikely. Other problems can occur that a contractor such as Motto and Sons will repair promptly after writing up an agreement with the homeowner. In some cases, the home insurance will pay for repairs, or replacement of panels or metal shingles. For example, a brief torrent of hail that falls in a windstorm may only hit and damage a small part of the roof. Skilled roofers can replace the damaged area as soon as they receive the work order, or they can wait for the insurance claims process if that is preferable to the property owner.

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