History of the Hamburger and Where to Get the Best Burger in Springfield MO

A great debate rages in America over who invented the burger.

One theory says that the first recipe for a burger was called Hamburgh sausage, and it was published in 1758. Chopped beef, suet, and spices were the main ingredients. While the cookbook was initially published in Germany, an 1802 version containing only a slightly revised recipe was printed by the same company in America.

Louis Lassen may have been the first one to serve a burger at her Connecticut restaurant. Others claim that Charlie Nagreen invented the hamburger in 1882 at a fair in Wisconsin to let fairgoers eat meatballs while viewing exhibits. Still, others argue that Frank and Charles Menches created the burger for a fair in Ohio in 1885. Others claim that the first one was served at a July 4 celebration in Oklahoma in 1891. Others argue that Fletcher Davis served the first one at his restaurant in Texas. The reason that all can lay claim to serving the first hamburger is that none looked very much like our modern hamburger.

There is also an argument on what toppings belong on a hamburger. If you live in the South, then you are likely to think that mayonnaise belongs on a burger, but if you live in the North, then you believe mustard belongs there.

While the arguments over burgers will continue, there is one argument that you can easily win. You can get great burgers in Springfield, MO. Win this argument by trying a burger in Springfield, MO, for yourself very soon.

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