Hiring a DUI Law Attorney in Kutztown PA Could Have a Positive Impact

Nearly everyone has a friend, relative or business associate who has been charged with driving under the influence. Although these people may have mentioned their circumstances, there’s a good chance they didn’t share the consequences they faced or what they had to do to avoid serious penalties. Those who opted not to hire an attorney probably lost their driving privileges, paid fines and maybe even spent some time in jail.

Regardless of what their friends may have told them, each arrest is different and is treated individually by the court. The first thing anyone who gets arrested for driving under the influence should do is hire a DUI law attorney in Kutztown PA. The law is complex and trying to fight the court system alone is rarely effective. Sometimes a public defender may be able to get their client acquitted but these court employees are often so busy with other, more serious cases, that they don’t have time to devote the necessary attention to a DUI case.

After hiring a lawyer, it’s important to tell them the truth. Obviously, if someone had too much to drink, they may not remember everything clearly. This is where witnesses can be very helpful. If there were sober people around or others who could testify about how much the defendant had to drink before they got in their car, that can be very helpful to the case. Police officers sometimes make mistakes when they think they’ve identified a drunk driver. The things the officers did and said during the traffic stop can also be used by a skilled DUI law attorney in Kutztown PA.

Defendants who want to avoid losing their driver’s license should visit us website right away. This is just one of the penalties a person charged with a DUI might face if they are convicted. Finding another way to get to work could be challenging so it’s essential to do everything possible to keep a driver’s license. A conviction could also result in higher insurance rates and disqualification for some jobs. An attorney who focuses on helping people fight this charge might be able to help their client avoid the penalties and move on with their life.

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