Hire The Best Masonry Repair Services in Philadelphia, PA

When a building needs masonry repair services in Philadelphia, PA, hire the best company available. Why spend the extras money? Because historic masonry buildings need expert work done to keep them structurally sound and to look their best. Hiring a cheap repair person will get just that cheap work. That cheap repair might not match the building and might not last long. An expert using the correct materials and methods will make a masonry repair that matches the building and solves the problem.

What Types Of Masonry Repair Might Be Needed?

Masonry buildings can be stucco, brick, stone, or terracotta. They can be molded cement panels or another masonry material. They last for decades and need little maintenance. But, they do need maintenance and repairs when damage happens. Historic buildings were built at a time when cement might not have been as good as the newer versions. The cement material forming the grout between bricks might break down over the years. Then, the bricks will need to be repointed.

This is the process of removing the weak material from between the bricks and replacing it with newer, stronger material. It is important to remove the loose material and clean the area where the new material will be applied with a trowel. This job takes an experienced artisan. The replacement material must closely match the existing material. The finished facade should look uniform and be strong and weatherproof.

All masonry is subject to occasional cracks. Cracks can be the result of temperature changes, moisture damage, impact damage, or a foundation that is sinking or uneven. The cause of the crack must be found and corrected before the crack is filled. When the crack is ready to be repaired, all loose material must be removed and the areas properly prepared to accept the patching material. The patching material must be a close match to the original masonry surface so the repair will blend in. The patch should be carefully applied so the whole crack is filled and the surface texture matches the surrounding area.

Missing Bricks Or Other Materials

Missing bricks, stones, or tiles should be replaced with closely matching materials. Missing decorative cement work trim should be patched with matching material and details, so it blends in. Click here for additional information about masonry repair services in Philadelphia, PA.

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