Hire Steve Gentry Construction in Rochester MN for Home Projects

Residential general contractors are construction professionals who organize and execute large-scale remodeling projects. In many cases, they are put into the same category as home improvement professionals, but there are major differences to consider. Steve Gentry Construction in Rochester MN deals with bigger projects that incorporate specific architectural and design principles to provide a better customer experience, either by adding space or maximizing what’s already there. Read on to learn more about hiring a general contractor.

When to Bring In a Residential Contractor

Many people don’t realize all the work that goes into a home renovation project. For instance, the average kitchen upgrade can take up to six weeks to finish, and during the process, the homeowner is likely to need a plumber, an electrician, a flooring installer, a painter, and someone to install cabinetry and countertops. However, a general contractor can coordinate all of these other experts, scheduling them, so everything gets done as efficiently as possible. In most instances, the contractor can even do some of the work themselves.

Guidelines to Follow

Many homeowners hire a residential contractor when it’s not necessary, and others don’t hire one when they really should. Hire a contractor under the following circumstances:

• If the job will take over a week

If it requires multiple contractors for completion

If it requires numerous permits

Consult a general contractor for help in these situations, as well as others.

Staying Away From Dishonest Contractors

When choosing a home contractor, following a few basic rules can help protect a homeowner from fraud. These signs may indicate a dishonest contractor.

• The contractor doesn’t list a phone number

They ask the customer to pull the necessary building permits

They only take cash

Door-to-door solicitations

Offering discounts to customers who find them more business

Providing an extremely long guarantee

Asking for full payment up front

Demanding a lien on the property

It’s important for customers to carefully read every part of a contract before they sign, and to ask for clarification if necessary. When hiring, the customer should ensure that they get a residential contractor such as Steve Gentry Construction in Rochester MN, because they specialize in home projects. Click Here to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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