Hire Professionals for HVAC Repair in Kilmarnock

If you are searching for HVAC repair in Kilmarnock because your cooling system has stopped functioning, we understand your pain.

It’s not hard to find an air conditioning repair service and paying them to figure out the issue with your commercial HVAC system. However, finding someone reliable can be an issue. Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in affordable and quick air conditioning repair if you are still struggling to find a quality service.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, here is a summary of the most common problems faced when you attempt HVAC repair on your own.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

One of the most common issues is that commercial HVAC units are not installed properly which leads to ducts leaking and less airflow. The best thing to do is to always make sure to check for any fuses and circuit breakers when your air conditioner stops functioning. Reset your breakers once the power unit has cooled down.

Refrigerant Leaks

When an air conditioner suffers from lack of refrigerant, this means that the AC was undercharged at the time of installing or it has sprung a leak. In case of a leak, adding a refrigerant to it will not help. Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning servicemen are trained professionals who know best to deal with air conditioning repair solutions occurring due to leaking refrigerants.

Troubles with the Sensors

Thermostat sensors, located at the back of the control panel, are a common cause of trouble. It is used to measure the temperature, so if the sensor is causing problems or is not working, this can cause a commercial HVAC system to act up. However, it can be fixed by repairing the sensor to be near the coil but not touching it.

Insufficient Maintenance

Once your AC starts to collect dust and dirt, it stops working properly or the cooling will diminish with time. Maintenance is highly important once you get done with air conditioning repair in order to maintain optimal cooling temperature. To know more please visit Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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