Hire an Attorney Who Understands Internet Law to Protect Online Reputation Of Business

A business’ reputation determines how the general public perceives it. Unfortunately, with more people searching online every day and the rise in popularity of business review sites, it has become too easy for a person to get away with posting defamatory content about a business online. Due to the nature of the Internet and social media, negative and defamatory content can go viral within days, creating hardship for the business owner. If a business owner finds him or herself dealing with this type of situation, here’s three major reasons why they need to contact someone who knows Internet law in Bucks County immediately:

     *     Anonymity is easy to maintain online simply because many websites don’t require people to use their real name or give identifying information when posting and, for this reason, it can be difficult to determine the identity of the person disseminating defamatory information about a person or business. While online defamation lawyers are not hackers, they do have access to Internet experts who can help track down the people committing the acts of defamation so they can be dealt with directly.

     *     If tracking down the person who posted the information proves futile, an Internet attorney can contact the legal teams that represent websites, including large and powerful review sites, and their Internet service providers. Once they’ve made contact, they’ll have the necessary understanding and experience with internet law in Bucks County to negotiate with the website or service provider and convince them to take down the content to avoid a court battle.

     *     In some cases where either the content author, the website or the Internet service provider refuses to remove the defamatory content, litigation may become necessary; however, it will be difficult for a business owner to win a case without legal assistance because Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects websites and Internet service providers from having to assume liability for online content posted by a third party. An Internet defamation lawyer will understand the limits of this protection and can devise a strategy take necessary legal action against the correct party.

A negative online reputation has the power to ruin a business. For those who are currently facing an Internet defamation situation, log on to website to learn how to take advantage of a free consultation with a reputable attorney who can help business owners restore their good name and their peace of mind.

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