Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro

If someone is injured in a truck-related accident, they may hear conflicting information about dealing with the aftermath of the accident from coworkers, friends, and the Internet. However, a Truck Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro knows how the legal process works. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent myths about trucking accidents.

Trucking Companies and Insurers Make it Hard to Settle

Although companies and insurers often do what they can to prevent a full payout to an accident victim, they are no match for an attorney who knows how to build a claim. When a law firm takes the time to find evidence of the client’s injuries and the company’s negligence, they can present a claim that even the insurance adjusters cannot ignore.

Filing a Claim Means Spending Months in Court

While some claims take a long time to settle, most victims get their settlements much sooner. It’s rare for these claims to go to court, as most insurers and trucking companies prefer to settle. When a claim does make it to court, the Truck Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro typically appears on the client’s behalf.

It’s Easy to File a Claim Without a Lawyer

When victims file for compensation without a trucking accident lawyer’s help, they rarely get the compensation they deserve. Companies and insurers are there to protect the bottom line, and minimizing insurance payouts is one of the ways they do it. Without legal knowledge and evidence collection capabilities, a victim is often left without legal recourse if they don’t hire a lawyer.

Truck Drivers Always Get Enough Sleep

Although the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requires drivers to adhere to strict sleep and break schedules, drivers often disregard these rules to increase their pay. When a driver is tired or sleeps deprived, he or she is more likely to cause a serious accident than a driver who has had enough rest.

These are just some of the most widespread myths lawyers see in their daily practice. If a client needs competent representation after a truck accident, they can count on the Jaklitsch Law Group to provide legal advice, advocacy, and obtain a fair settlement.

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