Hire a Tree Cutting Service in Atlanta GA if Your Trees are Exhibiting These Signs

A decaying tree is not only unsightly; it’s dangerous. Falling branches can cause serious and costly damage to landscaping and structures, and toppled trees can cause severe injury and death. To prevent these risks, homeowners should hire a tree cutting service to inspect the trees on the property. Below are several signs that a tree may be in trouble.

Leaf Issues

A homeowner may first notice that a tree is shedding too many leaves. However, some conifers and deciduous trees drop foliage with the seasons, but a tree that loses all of its leaves at once may be sick. If leaves fall in great numbers, or if they remain attached but become misshapen and discolored, it may indicate that the tree is in poor health.

Branch Issues

Along with falling leaves, failing branches can also show a tree’s declining health. While a windstorm may snap a few healthy ranches, sick trees will lose branches that are bare, dry and leafless. Upon closer scrutiny, such branches may reveal signs of insect damage or rot.

Trunk Troubles

An “owl hole” may be a charming addition to a fairy tale, but it’s actually an indicator of poor tree health. A tree cutting service in Atlanta GA will look for rotten spaces near the trunk base, along with other signs of sickness.

Bark Problems

While healthy trees typically have pliable, soft bark with even trunk coverage, sick trees may have brittle, flaking bark. Bald spots are another sign that a tree is nearing the end of its lifespan. By the time a tree exhibits these signs, the damage is too severe for most homeowners to handle.

Root Worries

If tree roots are constantly damaged by large vehicles and lawnmower cuts, or if they’re constantly underwater, the whole tree may become compromised. Homeowners should look for sogginess signs such as wood ears and fungus.

While trees can live for hundreds of years, some require ongoing maintenance to remain in top condition. When homeowners know how to spot the signs of tree sicknesses, they can proactively prevent premature tree death and serious property damage.

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