Highlight Your Unique Style With Wooden Ear Tunnels

One of the trendiest new ways to add style to your everyday appearance is to wear ear tunnels. People all over the country are having pierced holes in their ear lobes stretched out so that they can wear ear tunnels. This gives a very unique appearance that frames the face and adds intrigue. When you are looking into wearing these pieces of jewelry, you will have several options as to what type of tunnels you will be wearing. High-quality wooden ear tunnels may be just what you are looking for.

Why Get Wooden Ear Tunnels?

Wooden ear tunnels have a few advantages over tunnels that are made out of man-made materials. There are not many other materials that are so breathable and light. This is very important for your ears as they are being stretched out, as it lowers the risk of infection and is gentle on the ears. However, when your ear lobes are stretched out and healed in the way that you wish them to be, wearing wooden ear tunnels still offer a great look! Choose a shade that goes well with your natural color and works with your personal style.

What To Expect From Wooden Ear Tunnels

These pieces of jewelry can be very diverse. Handcrafted out of any of a variety of woods, they are finished off with jojoba oil and beeswax. These substances increase the longevity of the wooden plugs and also bring out the full natural beauty of the wood Wooden ear tunnels have a few advantages and its grain. Wooden plugs can also come with detachable magnetic dangles to create a more stunning and appealing piece of jewelry. You may like wooden plugs with a dangle complete with the rustic beauty of pale golden sunflowers, the mystic elegance of tiny traditional dream catchers, or the joyous freedom shown by intricate, richly colored feathers.

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