High Value Automation Control Panel Manufacturers

There are two things that you should be looking for in automation control panel manufacturers. Of course cost effectiveness is on the list of what you should expect from a manufacturer but there is something that really makes your project cost effective, it’s the value. Price point is always a consideration but the overall cost of manufacturing does not begin nor end with the out of pocket expense. There are other factors that play a role in how much manufacturing is actually costing you.

The Value

To get to the real value that a manufacturer has to offer you, you really have to use an equation and not just use the amount of cost. The real value can be figured using the following criteria:

 * Cost
 * Delivery times
 * Quality
 * Expert input
 * Experience

The cost is the amount that you will pay for the manufacturing but it does not necessarily reflect the overall value. The goal is to get the most value at the best price point.

Delivery Times

How much time do you have to spare? Time is money, A manufacturer that cannot meet your deadlines or that has the reputation for not coming in on time, is a risky investment at any cost. The better value is the manufacturer that historically has provided on time, quick turnaround times and just in time deliveries.


You can save a lot of money on costs by choosing a manufacturer that does not have the quality controls in place to ensure a high level of quality but of course that does not really give you the long term value that you want associated with your products.

Expert Input

A manufacturer that has a team of experienced staff members that are willing to share their knowledge with you and provide expert input is where the real value lies!

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