Here’s What To Do If You Have Tooth Sensitivity Issues in Palm Coast Florida

Tooth sensitivity is the pain that one gets when their teeth get exposed to cold, hot, acidic, or sweet foods and liquids. Some people even experience tooth sensitivity when they go out on cold days.

When your enamel gets cracked, chipped, or weaker through tooth decay, then the dentin underneath gets exposed. Dentin is actually porous. It contains small channels that go to the sensitive pulp that is located at the center of an individual tooth. The channels let the tooth nerves react to outside factors such as cold and hot. This can then produce pain.

Treating Tooth Senstivity

The first thing you can do is use fluoride toothpaste for tooth sensitivity. You can also start using a toothbrush with soft bristles to ease the wear on your teeth. Your family dentist in Palm Coast might also suggest a fluoride rinse or gel. Some of the things that you should avoid include acidic foods and beverages.

If Tooth Sensitivity Doesn’t Go Away

If you try these methods without success, then you will need to see your
family dentist in Palm Coast. Your dentist will work to find the cause of sensitivity. Some of the treatments that your dentist may suggest include some of the following:

• Start treatment for gum disease

• Start root canal treatment

• Get bonding applied to one of your exposed roots

• Getting a gum graft done to protect the exposed root

• Fixing any cracks that may appear on a tooth

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