Helping Patients Feel Comfortable With Cardiac Scans in New York

Cardiac PET imaging can save lives. Unfortunately, people may avoid getting imaging tests because they are nervous and don’t know what they should expect along the way. Patients who are not experienced in getting exams may feel apprehension. This apprehension may cause them to avoid getting the lifesaving medical care that they truly need.

When a person gets an imaging scan, like cardiac PET imaging, the first thing they need to understand is that the process is safe for the vast majority of people. One concern that people have is about radiation exposure. However, there is little to no radiation exposure because of the type of radiation being used. Any radiation exposure or any radiation in a Pearson system will be removed via the kidneys within six minutes of the exam.

Getting cardiac imaging scans is comfortable. They are performed in a clean, inviting environment. There are leg and arm cushions and back supports to make the patient feel at ease. There is good lighting and proper ventilation so that a patient does not feel claustrophobic as they are having the scan done.

Blankets are at the ready to keep the patient feeling comfortable and warm. It is understandable if a person has questions about these scans or if they feel uneasy. The medical professionals performing the scans are ready and willing to answer any questions with the goal of helping the patient feel their best.

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