Helping Dementia Patients With Adaptive Equipment From McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh, PA

People with a certain level of dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease or other disorders may be able to continue living at home with assistance. They need regular supervision from relatives, friends, or professional home caregivers, and they may benefit from various types of adaptive equipment and mobility aids from a supplier like McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA. Some illnesses that may cause memory and cognition problems are primarily connected with physical disabilities. Parkinson’s disease is an example, although many patients with this disorder never develop those issues.

Problems in the brain that cause dementia can also cause various difficulties with mobility. Yet being active is important for staying as healthy as possible, and that can be very difficult for people with these illnesses. Adaptive equipment can help. Walkers and canes provide stability, for instance, and give the person more confidence in walking. Avoiding a completely sedentary lifestyle can help keep the individual more alert and prevent further memory loss. It also helps prevent constipation and serious issues like blood clots.

Many people with dementia disorders lose some of their coordination and balance, making them nervous about sitting down in a bathtub and having to get back up from that seated position. It may be difficult to stand long enough to take a thorough shower. Bathing aids from a supplier such as McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA include chairs and benches to sit on. Grab bars also can be installed in and around the shower and tub as well as by the toilet.

Unfortunately, as dementia progresses, the individual may become incontinent. Urinary incontinence products can be purchased from this type of mobility aid supplier too. Without those items, the person is likely to become entirely confined to the home because of the risk of a urinary accident when out and about.

There may be mobility aids and other adaptive equipment that a family has not even thought of yet. They may appreciate viewing a gallery of devices and considering which would be most advantageous for their loved one. Click Here to reach the McArdle website and view the variety of products available

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