Helpful Tips to Create a More Modern Living Room

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Interior Designer

Are you tired of the outdated look in your living room? If so, it may be time to make a change. Regardless of if you want to hire a professional home interior decorator or not, there are a few steps you can take to help add a modern flair to even the most outdated spaces. The tips highlighted here will help you get started.

Paint the Space

You have probably heard this before. Nothing is more effective and affordable to transform a room than a fresh coat of paint. If you have a small living area, it is best to stick with light, airy colors. If you choose anything too dark, it may make the space seem smaller and more closed in. If you are unsure, a home interior decorator can help you find the right color.

Change Your Accessories

Another easy and affordable way to update your living space is by purchasing a few new, more modern-looking knick knacks around the space. Believe it or not, this can really help bring new life into your living room. Try out some of the newest trends in accessories, since these are usually less expensive than furniture and other items.

Choose Seasonal Décor

To ensure your home is updated regularly, choose some seasonal décor. For example, during the summer, add a bit of beach chic to the space by putting a bowl full of seashells on your coffee table. During the fall, you can incorporate autumn colors with throw pillows and candles. When it’s cold outside, use holiday inspired décor.

A home interior decorator can help you with each of these changes and ensure you get the look you want. Take the time to find a qualified designer when decorating your space.

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