Helpful Tips for First-Time Scuba Divers

A lot of first timers think scuba diving is a sport best reserved for pros. But you actually don’t need to have a lot of experience to give it a try. Here are some handy tips for people out there who want to try this out for the first time:

Take Baby Steps

Don’t rush yourself. While enrolling in diving classes will help, don’t force yourself too soon. It’s all right to be nervous the first time. You’ll gain much more confidence with each of your sessions.

Use Toothpaste on Your Mask

This is a neat trick to avoid fogging your mask up. Smearing a layer of toothpaste over the inside of the mask is a good preventive measure. However, do remember to put that about half an hour before the dive. That way, it won’t sting your eyes. Once the layer is in place, you can look forward to clear vision all throughout your dive.

Try Snorkeling

If the thought of sinking into the depths of the sea in your scuba diving scare you, then you might want to go for snorkeling sessions first. This way, you get used to the feel of wearing a mask and fins and diving below the surface. While you won’t be carrying a scuba tank, you can still practice your breathing. This is an excellent way to prepare you for your dives. When you feel like you’re finally ready, then moving on to the scuba dives should be easier for you.

Do little kicks

While learning how to focus your breathing is a huge part of the experience, doing big scissor kicks can also help you move faster while conserving energy. That helps conserve precious air underwater as well, says The Travel Hack.

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