Helpful Tips for Buying Fresh Lobster

Have you ever been frozen in front of a lobster tank in the grocery store with no idea how to choose the perfect lobster? If so, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Regardless of if you are shopping for lobster at Quincy Market, or at the corner grocery store, the tips here will help you purchase the right one every time.

Get to Know the Types of Lobster

There are hard and soft shell lobsters you can choose from. The meat in soft shell lobsters is sweeter and many find it more enjoyable to eat. However, these lobsters are not as hearty, so they won’t travel far distances as well as the hard shell lobsters do. Keep in mind, the tradeoff is hard shell lobsters are going to taste fishier and the meat is often a bit tougher.

Take a Look at the Underbody

When shopping for lobster at Quincy Market, make sure to look at the underbody, especially the claws. On new shells, the claws will be clean and on old shells, they will have scrapes where they have banged against rocks. A lobster that has recently shed its shell will have clean claws without many marks on them.

Antenna Size

A secret to purchasing lobster is that they will eat each other’s antennae. If you look at the lobster and the antennae have been nibbled down to the base, then it means it has been waiting in the tank or to be purchased for a long period of time. Try to find one with longer antennae, because this means they are fresher.

When you are searching for a great lobster at Quincy Market, make sure to use the information and guidelines here. Doing so will help ensure you get a tasty and fresh lobster for your meal.

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