Heating Oil in Branford for Homes and Businesses

Heating oil is getting more and more expensive every year. The costs of keeping a home or business warm are unpredictable because winters are getting colder and longer. The Farmer’s Almanac for 2018-2019 predicts one of the coldest winters recorded for the East Coast. That means the prices for heating oil in Branford will be high based on supply and demand.

Other Factors

The economy, political climate, and increases in violence on a global level are contributing factors to rising heating oil prices. The resource is also becoming depleted which adds to higher pricing. Budget plans offered by companies help people pay for their heating oil, but creativity and other measures are required to reduce the dependence on heating oil.

Decrease the Amount of Heating Oil Used

Homeowners, business owners, and even renters are taking steps to avoid paying for large numbers of heating oil gallons. One action is to better insulate the space. This can be done without spending a small fortune. Weather stripping doorways and placing draft dodgers in front of doors will make a significant difference in the temperature of the room.

Wind and moisture make the space feel colder. Adding sheets of clear insulating film over windows will also control drafts and wind from entering the building. Areas where pipes enter a room from the floor are more spaces for drafts to enter. Spray foam is an easy and inexpensive way to close off those areas. The product can be found in department and home improvement stores.

A Pellet or Wood Stove

Getting a pellet or wood stove installed in the home drastically reduces the use of heating oil in Branford. Operating either of these stoves is inexpensive yet efficient. Many people discover that the furnace rarely kicks on when wood or pellets are burning. An electric fireplace is an option, but electricity is almost as expensive as heating oil.

Companies that provide heating oil also sell and install pellet and wood stoves. Check with the current provider to see if stoves are installed. If not, research other companies to find one that does. Save time and begin the search at EastRiverEnergy.com.

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