Heating & Cooling Options Available from Five Star Heating & Air INC. in Palatine

The dog days of summer are here with temperatures easily climbing over 100 degrees in the Palatine, Illinois region. This extreme heat can make life considerably uncomfortable, especially in a structure that has a struggling air conditioning unit or lack thereof. In either situation, calling on the services of a company like Five Star Heating & Air INC. in Palatine will re-establish a pleasant atmosphere in any home, apartment, or commercial facility in need.

Understanding when Help Is Necessary

Some homeowners tend to ignore the signs that their AC unit is in trouble and just suffer through the discomfort, all because they think a brand new unit is inevitable. By contacting a professional HVAC contractor, individuals can quickly find out if their unit is just in need of repair or recharge rather than total replacement. Click Here to schedule a free appointment.

Air Conditioning Isn’t All That’s Available

Compared to other areas of the United States, Illinois doesn’t get very cool, but the mercury does dip just low enough that it can become uncomfortably chilly in the winter months. Due to this, most air conditioning contractors are also offer heating and cooling solutions near Palatine. To stay comfortable all year round, customers can add a traditional gas furnace or opt for the more convenient heat pump that combines heat and AC into one unit.

Efficiency Comes in Many Forms

One issue many people have with running an AC unit during peak temperatures is the cost of their energy bills. What they may not realize is that replacing an aging unit with a new model that operates on a 2-stage cooling process or is partially powered throw solar technology will actually save them money in the long run. Combining this with any upgraded ductwork designs or ductless mini-split systems that are recommended by a professional contractor will only boost the cooling efficiency and end up lowering energy expenses.

Financial Concerns Can Be Accommodated

Although the installation of a new air conditioning unit is not necessarily cheap, it doesn’t mean it isn’t affordable. Interested individuals can call companies like Five Star Heating & Air INC. in Palatine to receive a free quote that details everything involved in the installation as well as present different options to fit varying budgetary concerns. On top of this, many of these companies also have financing options that can help those individuals who do not have the money immediately on hand.

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