Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Moore OK

Professional carpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your Moore OK home or business. It can get rid of some types of odors and extend the life or your carpeting too. However, some of the most important advantages of professional cleaning include health benefits. Here are some things to know about clean carpeting and your well-being.

Pollutants Trapped Inside Carpet Fibers

Many kinds of pollutants can exist in the air, and they make their way to their final destination, the floor. For example, when a dog or cat scratches or cleans itself, dander from fur flies into the air and settles into the carpeting. Cast off material from insects can get into carpets too.

Dust, dirt, and mold spores sometimes float in the air, and this debris eventually falls to the floor. When things settle on carpeting, walking can grind them deep into the fibers, but some of these things easily fly back up into the environment when you vacuum or walk. A thorough carpet cleaning in Moore OK gets rid of many kinds of pollutants which can make you, your guests, or customers, ill.

Dust Mites

The human body constantly sheds skin cells which float in the air and fall to the floor, and these cells are food for dust mites. Dust mites are tiny creatures which can get into the air and your floor, making your carpeting their home. Carpeting may contain microscopic skin cells. These cells are the perfect food source for dust mites which are known irritants to the respiratory tract. In fact, some people are allergic to them, and this can bring on a host of symptoms like coughing, wheezing, sneezing, asthma attacks, and itching. Professional carpet cleaning in Moore OK gets rid of dust mite infestation and makes your home or business a healthier place to breathe.

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