Hazards that Snow Removal in Neenah Can Prevent

Winter storms can bring in record snowfalls. All of this snow can pose a hazard to roofs. While it is impossible to stop the snow from accumulating on the roof, it is possible to stop a dangerous buildup. These are a few of the hazards that a lot of snow accumulation can create.

Snow can seem like it is a light-weight material. However, each snowflake adds a certain amount of weight to a snow pile. As the inches of snow pile up, so do the number of pounds that the snow is exerting on the roof. Many roofs are only designed to withstand a certain amount of weight. Depending on the roof’s design, support systems and the age of the material, that weight can become too much for the roof. Once this breaking point is reached, the weight of the snow will collapse the roof. The Snow Removal in Neenah will prevent this from happening.

Ice is another hazard to roofs caused by snow. As temperatures heat up and cool down, the melting snow transforms into ice. This ice adds weight to the roof. It can also cause damage to the roofing material as the water finds its way into cracks. Often, leaks aren’t discovered until after the ice has melted. This ice can also turn into icicles that can fall on pedestrians or family members.

Snow pileups can also create dangerous snow slides. At some point, the snow pile on the roof can no longer support itself. The extra snow will come sliding off the roof like an avalanche. If this snow also carries ice particles with it, it can create a lot of damage to property and people caught underneath it. Since these type of avalanches are unpredictable, Snow Removal in Neenah should be accomplished before it reaches its tipping point.

Snow is a seemingly harmless substance. In massive amounts, it can be dangerous to the roof and to the home. A collapsed roof is the most common hazard associated with a pileup. However, damage to roofing material and injuries have also occurred from excessive snow. Click Here to find out more about getting snow removed once it starts piling up.

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