Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh Most Effective in the Hands of Pros

Even someone who likes bees and considers them a beneficial pollinator species rather than an insect nuisance must admit it: bee stings are painful. Beyond stings, it is unpleasant to see that ground bees have formed a buzzing outdoor carpet over one’s lawn. That alone is enough to make one consider Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh. If a family member or friend has an allergy to bees, the matter becomes much more urgent. The long rows of pest control sprays and traps can make a person think they can handle a ground bee infestation solo. Unfortunately, though, these products are not always very effective, and the instructions on the packaging are often unhelpful. One could try homespun tricks, like watering the ground daily to discourage bee settlement, but without experience or know-how behind it, this can be a waste of time and resources. For true ground bee control, one may need to look elsewhere.

Pest control workers like those at The-Beeman, who specialize in stinging insects, will be far more effective than the typical homeowner or the neighborhood handyman at removing ground bees once and for all. For one thing, specialists use chemicals that are specially formulated to be effective against bees. This is actually a good thing even if one generally objects to pesticides, because if a formula is more efficient, less of it is needed to provide the desired results. Plus, a professional has a better understanding of the way the insects live, and will be able to use that knowledge to make the treatments more foolproof.

There is also another advantage of using a service rather than going the DIY-route. Professionals will have gear that protects them from angry bees while they are exterminating them, which the average homeowner probably does not own. Pest control businesses usually offer warranties, so if the results aren’t perfect, a homeowner has recourse. Plus, to fit into a busy summer schedule, some businesses offer special extended or weekend hours. Lastly, if one chooses carefully, it gives one the opportunity to support a locally-owned business. To deal with Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh, one may wish to visit the website of their local pest control business and see which of these services they offer.

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