Greener Commercial HVAC?

Tacoma area builders and architects are concerned with the environment, and as new projects take root and grow, ecological footprints are a big concern. Green buildings are springing up and drawing in tenants small and large. From co-working spaces to entire campuses for multinational corporations, everything from finishes to vital building systems is being pored over, tweaked, and evaluated like never before. A greener, more efficient HVAC system in one of those critical systems and checking out potential commercial HVAC contractors should be on every architect’s and contractor’s checklist.

Greener is Cleaner

The HVA system is the lungs and circulatory system of the structure, and inadequate HVAC means inadequate ventilation within a building. Inadequate ventilation can result in sick building syndrome, even with low VOC carpeting, finishes, and furnishings. While sick building syndrome is rare in newer buildings, EPA guidelines for HVAC systems should be followed precisely to ensure the highest indoor air quality possible. Even with Tacoma mild climate, there are days when heating and cooling will be tested to their maximum. By working with experienced commercial HVAC contractors, a new project can have the best possible start that will continue to serve it well during its useful lifetime.

Design, Build and Optimize

An HVAC system is not a set it and forget it system. These require extensive knowledge to design and build, as well as maintain and optimize. A comprehensive HVAC contractor should be able to cover everything from a service call to a renovation of an existing system to a full design and build contract. A cleaner, greener HVAC system is in the interests of everyone from the project’s future tenants to the world’s future children. Work with professionals who have years of experience in building, designing, maintaining, and optimizing HVAC systems in the Pacific Northwest.

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