Gluten Free Quinoa: The Basics

When it comes to celiac disease and those with high wheat intolerance, going gluten-free is not an option. It is a necessity. The only treatment for such individuals is the avoidance of any substance containing gluten. Fortunately, today, there are several choices. Among them is the oh-so gluten free Quinoa.

What Is Quinoa?

Although it is commonly called an “ancient Grain,” Quinoa is not. In reality, it is classified as a pseudocereal seed – one that is currently used by many as a gluten free alternative. Originating probably in the Andes regions, perhaps Bolivia, it has been grown and harvested for several thousand years.  Today, however, it has stepped out of its original territory to become a popular “grain” throughout North America. Across the United States, people are turning to gluten free quinoa to help them avoid what are considered the dangerous and harmful effects of gluten products. Those who want to ensure the product is even safer for consumption, purchase quinoa that is also organic and non-GMO.

Why Is Gluten Free Quinoa Considered Beneficial?

This staple crop of South America is one of the current crops of superfoods. It does have scientific research to back up many of its claims. In essence, Quinoa is a top contender in the high in protein race. It is what is referred to as a “complete source” of the amino acids required by every individual if they really want to ingest their food. It is favored by many who want to go gluten free because it is chock full of the following:

1. Dietary fiber
2. Calcium
3. Iron
4. B-vitamins
5. Magnesium
6. Folate
7. Omega 3 fatty acids

People have more than one reason for choosing gluten free quinoa over other alternatives. In fact, studies indicate that it is a very healthy and safe choice for those who have celiac disease or simply want to avoid eating over processed gluten containing foods. This is to say nothing about the choice in types: whole grain white, red and black, or to even mention that it is very versatile when it comes to usage.

How Do You Use Gluten Free Quinoa?

Gluten free quinoa comes as it is or pre-rinsed. It does need to be washed before it is cooked. Once this is done, you can use it in a number of ways:

1. As a cereal – try topping it with fruit or trickle natural honey over it
2. For puddings – consider replacing your rice pudding with a quinoa pudding
3. As a general substitute – it can be used instead of rice, couscous or pasta

If you don’t want the original form of gluten free quinoa, ask for gluten free quinoa flour.  This will allow you to employ it in all your baking recipes.

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