Give Your Fairfax, VA Home A New Look With The Help Of Professional Siding Installers

No matter how carefully a Fairfax, VA homeowner maintains the exterior of the house, old types of materials will begin to fade, warp, rot, chip and peel over time. New types of siding are much more resistant to weather and UV damage, which gives them a longer life cycle without these signs of age that can make a home look poorly maintained.

With the new options in siding, hiring professional siding installers makes a home exterior renovation and upgrade a simple process. These professionals can do everything involved in the project, providing you with a beautiful, upgraded home in just a few days from the start of the project.


When hiring a contractor providing siding installers, know what you want the company to provide. Some companies will only provide installers if you use their siding, while other contractors can install any type or brand of siding.

In most cases, it is also a good idea to replace the trim at the same time as the siding. This avoids having beautiful new siding and older trim that will need to be replaced in a few years.

What to Expect

There will be several steps involved in the project. Professional siding installers will review the steps with you so that you are aware of the process as well as the timeline.

Generally, the steps will include removing the existing siding and trim. The contractors will remove all of the waste material and make sure there are no nails or scraps left in your yard after the project is finished.

They will then install the new siding and trim. This is often a much faster process on a Fairfax, VA home than the homeowner anticipates. The trim will be installed as the last part of the project, leaving you with a completely new look to your home.

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