Gift Boxes in Tucson AZ: Pecans for the New Vegan

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Business

The teenager has gone off to college in another state, and at some point told his or her parents that a vegan lifestyle had now been adopted. The teen’s parents may have no idea how to respond to this announcement, although they probably want to be supportive. They were accustomed to sending care packages and gift baskets with cheese and sausage. Now what? Fortunately, food-related Gift Boxes in Tucson AZ can be sent that qualify as vegan and will please this young adult.

The Gift of Protein

The parents may be concerned that their son or daughter isn’t eating enough protein with this new diet. That’s rarely an issue, actually, but choosing vegan food items that are high in protein is still a fine option. How about pecans? Gift Boxes in Tucson AZ with shelled pecans in their natural state as well as in flavored version are sure to be appreciated. Unshelled nuts can be included as well.

The Chance to Share

The gift recipient probably has friends that share similar eating habits, so being able to share the tasty nuts with these acquaintances will be rewarding. Not all parents are so accepting of what they view as radical diet changes, so this young person will feel grateful to have such open-minded folks.

A Sampling of Recipes

A sampling of vegan recipes for pecans also could be included if the recipient enjoys cooking and baking. A plethora of foods can be made without meat, eggs or dairy products, and reading through these recipes can be enlightening. Along with nuts from a shop like Green Valley Pecan Company Store, a recipe for chocolate pecan pie includes other components combined to make a delicious dessert that will impress everyone who tries it.

A Vegan Pie

People who have never baked a vegan pie before may very well wonder what’s in this kind of recipe? The crust can be made of crushed chocolate cookies; the kind depends on individual preferences. Melted vegan butter holds the crumbs together. Dairy-free melted chocolate blended with vegan cream, such as cream made from coconut milk or almond milk, comprises the filling along with the pecans. Salted pecans are recommended for a contrast in flavor. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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