Getting Your Dog Used to An Animal Medical Center

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Animal hospital

Your dog deserves the medical care you can provide. However, it’s hard for your dog to get an accurate check-up if he or she is frantic and terrified during every vet visit. Help your vets help your dog by following these tips from on how to get your dog to be more relaxed at an Animal Medical Center.

Use Proper Restraint

It’s best to have good control over your dog when at the vet’s. This keeps your dog from getting into mischief or from being hurt by other animal patients. Dogs should at least be on a leash. If your dog is know to slip the collar when scared, use a chest harness to keep control. Toy dogs prone to escape should be in a pet carrier. If your dog is not used to a chest harness, start taking your dog for walks in the harness. Your dog will soon associate the harness with a good time.

Getting Used to the Car

Is your dog motion sick? Although many puppies outgrow motion-sickness, some of them grow up to be dogs with motion sickness. Motions sickness symptoms can last hours after the car ride is over. This makes your dog associate car rides with feeling bad. Talk to your veterinarian about safe motion sickness medication for your dog. When your dog is used to the car, take your dog on car rides to fun places like dog parks or pet stores where dogs are welcome. This helps your dog look forward to riding in the car.

Visiting the Vet Office for a Treat

Take your dog and some yummy treats to the vet’s office during times when he or she does not have to see the vet. Simply go to the office, have a member of the staff give a treat (or at least offer a treat) and then take the dog home. Dogs may be too nervous to eat in a vet’s office but may eat in the car or right when you get home. Be sure to call the vet’s office to make sure you and your dog arrive at a slow time. An Animal Medical Center can be a busy place, but most vet office staff will work with your to set up a good training time. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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