Getting The Veterans Benefits You Deserve

Military veterans that have fought for their country and were injured or disabled as a result of their service can apply to the VA, Department of Veterans Affairs for benefits. Benefits are available to all those that were injured or became ill while in active service as well as service personnel whose pre-existing condition was worsened due to their service. Any benefits that are granted are tax free, the amount, which is paid monthly, depends on the specific circumstances of the disabled applicant.

Being eligible for benefits are one thing, getting them is often something else again. The veteran must prepare and file a claim with the VA that shows that they are eligible.

Appealing a denial of benefits:

There are veterans organizations that stand ready to help their disabled comrades prepare their claim. The claim is extremely complex and must be supported with a great deal of substantiating paperwork. The chances of being approved are not good; it is at this time when, rather than depend on the veterans organization that helped with the application, you turn to a lawyer for veterans disability.

Proof of eligibility for benefits:

To be awarded disability benefits the applicant must show that he or she:

  *   Was in active service and was honorably discharged
  *   Was injured, became ill or exacerbated an existing condition while serving
  *   Is suffering from the effects of the injury or illness, and
  *   These effects directly relate to their service

Appealing a denial of benefits:

A great number of applicants for benefits have their claims denied; at times it is a paperwork problem; at other times the government gets it wrong and denies benefits to someone that obviously deserves them. Being denied benefits is not the end of the line, this is the time to hire a lawyer for veterans disability and file an appeal.

If your claim for veterans disability benefits is denied you have every right to hire a lawyer for veterans disability and appeal the ruling. You are invited to discuss your situation with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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